Men’s Style: Easy Outfit Ideas

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Hope everyone is having a wonderful week and looking forward (eagerly) to the weekend 🙂 I definitely am 😃😝

My previous men’s style post was about wardrobe essentials. Today’s post is on how to incorporate those key pieces into the perfect outfit. The featured looks are simple to put together, while being high on comfort and style as well 👖👕👟

Here are ten surprisingly easy casual outfit ideas for everyday wear –

Look 1: Blue gingham button down, white crew neck, indigo denim and white sneakers


Look 2: Navy casual shirt, white crew neck tee, light wash denim and grey/ navy trainers


Look 3: Khaki chinos, light blue chambray shirt, and off-white lace-up casual shoes


Look 4: Beige lightweight jacket, striped crew-neck tee, jeans, and white sneakers


Look 5: Navy trousers, striped tee, denim jacket and white sneakers


Look 6: White henley, brown chinos, and lace-up loafers


Look 7: Navy blazer, striped tee, light blue denim, and white sneakers


Look 8: Grey henley, indigo jeans, and white trainers


Look 9: Deep blue chambray shirt, striped tee, off-white chinos, and beige lace-ups


Look 10: Blue dotted print shirt, brown chinos, and sneakers


These outfit formulae will help you look sharp and save you from daily delays caused by the “what do I wear”  predicament 🙂💙

Which one of these is your favorite? Which outfits would you wear?

You can also browse wearable men’s style ideas at: My Pinterest

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  1. H.Veber

    You gave me instpiration what to wear this year.
    Recently I’ve made post about same topic so if you have time and will go and check it and mabye follow, I’m new here.
    Thank you! ❤
    btw i definately follow you 😀

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