Women’s Style: Lazy Day Looks

Hello 🐷🌸💖

Happy Sunday 🌞🌻

As they say “a Sunday well spent brings a week of content.” Sunday to me is a day of rest – for sleeping in, lounging around in sweats with messy hair and no make-up, and doing a whole lot of nothing 😃 Lazy days were definitely made for me 😴😍

However, there are times when you want to look a little more presentable without putting in too much effort. Joggers and sweatpants offer effortless style and variety while providing the ultimate in comfort.

Here are six “easy like Sunday morning” outfit ideas made for everyday things – lounging at home, running errands, or maybe even a quick trip to the coffee shop.

Outfit 1

Pair joggers with a simple long sleeved tshirt and sneakers for a comfortable lounge outfit.

Joggers + Striped Tee

Outfit 2

Style joggers with a sweatshirt and leather jacket for a casual but chic vibe.

Hooded Sweatshirt + Jacket

Outfit 3

Dress up slouchy joggers with a sweater, denim jacket, and slip-on sneakers for the perfect “stylish downtime” look.

Sweater + Denim Jacket

Outfit 4

Match fitted chambray joggers with an open knit cardigan, plain t-shirt and sandals for a casual but put-together outfit.

Chambray Joggers + Striped Cardigan

Check my blog post for other ideas to style Long Cardigans

Outfit 5

Wear joggers with a bright, oversized sweatshirt for a comfortable and trendy look.

Sweatshirt + Joggers

Outfit 6

Combine jog pants and chunky knitwear for the ideal colder weather style.

Sweater + Beanie

There’s not much better than cozying up in a pair of joggers. Hope these outfits give you inspiration for those dressed down off-duty yet street ready days. What do you wear on your lazy days?

You can also browse wearable fall/ winter outfits at: My Pinterest

Photo Credits: Pinterest.com







  1. Veronica M.

    These are all so cute and look really comfortable. My favorite is definitely #6 that blue jean and grey sweater & beanie combo screams my style xD 💕


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