Women’s Style: The Plain White Tee

Hello 🙋🏻💕

I am very excited to share my first blog post, which is inspired by a very special person in my life – my sister 👭

We are the best of friends but our dressing styles are poles apart – hers is minimal and understated, while mine is preppy (possibly bordering on over the top) 😂

One of her style staples, and definitely a summer essential, is the plain white t-shirt. Here are a few tips on how to style it and stay cool 😎 this summer –

1) Wear with dark denim, checked shirt (worn open over the t-shirt or tied around the waist) and white sneakers. Boxy t-shirts can be half tucked as well.

White Tee 1
Denim + Check Shirt

2) Wear with a bright, printed skirt and long necklace. Go for a statement necklace or layer multiple necklaces, if you’re feeling bolder.

Bright Skirt + Necklace

3) Wear tucked into light washed boyfriend jeans and sneakers (or flats). Add a large tote and half-bun for effortless summer style.

Boyfriend + Half Bun

4) Wear with a colorful, light-weight summer scarf. The scarf can be tied as a headband too. Add strappy sandals. You can wear shorts or khakis instead of jeans.

Colorful Scarf

High SPF sunscreen is mandatory with all these outfits, shades and hats are optional.

What are some of your favorite summer wardrobe staples? How do you style them?

You can also browse wearable summer outfits at: My Pinterest

Photo Credits: Pinterest.com



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